Weight gain Tips for everyone

Weight gain is important: Introduction-

Friends,”Weight gain Tips for everyone” in this post today is for those who want to gain their weight.In this post. I will tell you the full day diet plan, which you will follow, Increase your weight easily.

If you follow it for 10 days, then you can easily increase your weight by 2-3 kg.But friends now days the wrong thing is spreading very fast that we can increase our weight by eating more or eating more fast suds.

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But friends we always remember one thing should we ever need wrong new story to increase weight i.e. you do not eat fast food,You do not eat sweets, because eating fast food body weight starts increasing,But it only works to increase fat above the body.Which increases cholesterol in our body.

And your body digestive messes up the system, along with it it also works to damage your immunity system.

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Tips for weight gain

If we have a good diet all day ,When we exercise, your weight starts increasing in health And the weakness of your body also starts to go away.And natural strength in your body starts coming.So today, I will tell you full day diet plan in this post, which will increase your weight and give energy to your body.And friends with you workout also has to be done, because it causes eating and drinking in our body

.And the digestive system of your body is improved.Friends if you too. If you want to increase your weight, please read this post completely.

Because we keep on giving tips on weight gain and weight loss here. So let’s know now About Full Day Diet Plan-

(1) You have to drink lukewarm water. As soon as you wake up in the morning, because it fixes your digestive system, and clearing your stomach

by excluding harmful elements from the body.

(2) After that you add light salt to the soaked gram at nigh chew it by putting it and chew it,To make it, you have to fill it with water in a bowl at night, it is prepared the next day.

You have chew chewed after adding a little salt.

(3) After this, you have to work out for half an hour, by doing exercise, our body metabolism increases.Which corrects the weight of the body, that is, if your weight is high then it works If your weight is less as per the requirement then to increase this weight works

Increases the muscle mass in your body, due to which the weight of the body starts increasing.

It is the best way to increase the weight gain in 10 days.

(4) After the workout, drink the shake, you can take cashew nuts in it.Almond nut You can add any dry fruit and you can also use peanut butter inside it,It provides protein to your body your body muscles start to form,Due to which your weight starts increasing rapidly.

If you put peanut butter inside it then you spoon it. Inside add honey as well,this increases the test of your shake makes you even more healthy.

(5) Breakfast I work to increase our weight It gives the body energy to work all day.So you have a health breakfast daily, don’t skip a single day, you can have 2 bread and vegetables.is,Or you can take 2 healthy parathas.

Healthy paratha means that you do not take too much oil in it. You stuff it inside the paratha. Inside it take cabbage, radish and onion parathas. You can also take green tea with it because it helps you in digestion.

(6)To have breakfast 2 hours later you Potatoes are boiled, instead of potatoes, you can also use sweet potato.

(7) In lunch, you have seven stories of 3-4 bread and vegetable together Raita,You can also take yogurt or salad,Half an hour after lunch, you drink a cup of green tea or a glass of lukewarm water.

This is your helps you to digest the saying and helps to improve your Digestive system.

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(8) You have to eat some light food at 5 o’clock can eat vegetable sandwiches or eat salad,It is an easy digest which gives your body vitamins and minerals.

Which gives your body health is maintained,And also help in increasing the weight of your body.

(9) Now it is the turn of dinner, if you want to increase the weight or you if you want to subtract, the food must be called light.

Say simple 2 bread with lentils at night and also serve salads at night

because friends eat heavy dinner does not digest.

(10) Because after sleeping at night we go to sleep and while sleeping our digestive system reduces working a little,Because of which food remains in your body
It does not digest properly.It is harmful for your liver and against the digestive system as well as the entire body.

So, call it light dinner at night and if you
If you feel hungry at night, then eat fruit,Or eat a date with a glass of milk.

So friends, with this, you have to remember two things, one has to drink 3-4 liters of water a day,along with that you sleep.

You have to take almost 8 hours of sleep,because it is also healthy for the body and it also works to increase weight.

So friends hope, if you liked this post then please like and share thank you.

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