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What is Sleep Apnea Obstructive

Around 1.5 million people in the UK are found to have sleep apnea diagnosis. In this post I will tell you more information on this very serious condition. Which can affects every human life. Why is it such a serious health condition?it calls Sleep Apnea detection.

Sleep Apnea Symptoms

sleep apnea diagnosis, well research has shown that obstructive sleep apnea is associated with. An increased risk of conditions that affect your heart, and circulation now, you’re probably thinking to yourself.What does that mean? Well, it basically means an increased risk of coronary heart disease increased risk of heart failure. Increased risk of strokes as well as high blood pressure and abnormal heartbeats. And also, please remember that sleep apnea isn’t only associated with heart conditions it can also lead to depression sleep.It can say that are the symptoms of Sleep Apnea detection.

Effects of Sleep Apnea

The sleep apnea diagnosis can also make you more prone to having accidents. At work or even when driving in fact. It’s find that in the UK up to 40,000 accidents happen per year on the road. Whilst people driving the falling asleep due to sleep apnea so. As you can see sleep apnea is very serious, but very few people are actually aware of it.

In short when we sleep our upper airway relaxes now in obstructive sleep apnea. What happens is those upper air ways either narrow or they collapse. So when this happens it can stop you from breathing for about 10 seconds or more. And then your brain realizes and it wakes you up. And you feel like you gasping or out of breath.These are the effects of Sleep Apnea detection. You can go with this post if you neede–

Other Symptoms of sleep apnea

You then quickly regain your breath and you’ll fall back to sleep again and you usually won’t remember any of it unless someone else is with you and then they tell you about it the next day now the bad news this cycle can continuously repeat during the night, and it can sometimes happen over a hundred times per night, and it’s going to affect your sleep pattern, and you might not even realize it’s happened all night so because of this, you’re not going to get proper sleep, so, you’re going to feel tired all day you’re going to struggle to concentrate and you might even be dozing off during the day So what are the other symptoms that you need to look out for?

Well there’s snoring making choking noises when you’re sleeping having a dry mouth when you wake a up having a headache when you wake up and also having mood swings throughout the day, now if you do have any of these main symptoms you need to speak to your health care professional because you now know how serious sleep apnea can be but also don, ‘t worry if you do get diagnosed with sleep apnea there are many treatment options available out there also.These are the other symptoms of Sleep Apnea detection.

It can be at any age

Well sleep apnea can happen at any age, where generally speaking men aged between 30 to 60 are, at increased risk of developing it. There are other things that can increase your risk of developing, obstructive sleep apnea and I’m going to tll about them on the next scene. So what puts you at higher risk? Well a few questions Are you overweight? Do you have a large neck circumference? So anything more than 43 centimeters?

Do you smoke, drink a lot of alcohols, especially in the evenings? Do you have any relatives close relatives that suffer from sleep apnea?And there is other risk factors as well so, if using sedatives to, go to sleep if you’re sleeping on your back. And if you have certain medical conditions this can all increase your risk of getting sleep apnea.

If you have Sleep Apnea

if you do think you have sleep apnea, you need to speak to your healthcare professional. And we mentioned this earlier but there are also self-care tips. That you can do in addition to the treatment that your health care professional has started you on first. So, for example, losing excessive weight if you are overweight. Try to reduce your alcohol intake and don’t drink any alcohol in the evening, try to quit smoking.

Get information from your Doctor

If you use sedatives to sleep then, try to avoid using them and also, if you used to have on your back try to sleep on your side .Now if you have been to healthcare professional and have ruled out sleep apne.

we need to spread more awareness on. And I really hope this post help to do that you now know what to look out for you now know what to do and help spread the word. Tell your friends tell your families tell your loved one’s Tell everyone always remembers that you’re awesome.

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