How to Improve Eyesight Naturally

Eyes are very persistent organisms of human body,It is very difficult to imagine your life without it.Although knowingly, everyday we do things that harm our eyes. This leads to improve eyesight naturally.
This leads to eyesight week and the rest of the eye problems begin.But after reading this post completely, you will know clearly what to do and what not to do.

Let’s talk first about the 5 worst habits that cause our eyesight week and the rest of the problem starts coming.

(1) Staring at the screen
(2) Rubbing the eyes
(3) Reading while travelling
(4) Not wearing sunglasses
(5) Working in low light

(1) Staring at the screen

In the last 10 years, the number of glasses-wearing teenagers has increased 4 times because of more computers, mobiles and watching TV.

When we constantly look at these screens without blinking, our eyes become dry and the dead cells start to gather on the circle.

Dead cells become darker as more dark circles begin to form, and the light of the eyes starts decreasing.By the way, the job of many of us is such that
one has to sit and work in front of the computer screen all day. This is important to How to Improve Eyesight Naturally.

But you can take some steps, every once in a while you can get up from your seat and drink water, which will not only stress your eyes but also by drinking water, the dryness of eyes will also decrease.

(2) Rubbing the eyes

Don’t ru the eyes to improve eyesight naturally. Our eyes are very delicately,People who get used to rubbing eyes,They inadvertently damage small blood smiles under the eyes.

Not only this, if your fingers are not clean then germs get transferred on your fingers.If your eyes are itchy, then sage it with light hands.

(3) Reading while travelling

When we read while traveling, our eyes are very stressed,because the text that we are trying to read keeps moving. Which makes it very difficult for the eyes to
focus on it.

Well nowadays, smart phones have replaced books.While texting on the phone, it is very difficult to concentrate on the small words, for which the
eyesight slowly starts to week. .So avoid books and reading in travel.

(4) Not wearing sunglasses

Sunglasses is not just fashion accessories but also keeps the sun’s sun rise and high visible light from falling in your eyes.

Exposure to continuous eye shadow can reduce eye light, which can cause complete damage to the eyes.Wear sunglasses of good quality so that you can get protection from sun rays.

(5) Working in low light

The elders of the house have always advised us to install table lamps.Reading in low light causes a lot of tension on the smile of our eyes, due to which the eyes
slowly start to week.

If you use Mobile by turning off the room light at night, then the eyes will get damaged very quickly.

Lets talk about those 5 good habits that we can fix our week eyes again.

Following describes the how to improve eyesight naturally

(1) Consuming food for eyes
(2) Strengthening eyes muscle
(3) Eyes wash routine
(4) Regular eyes check-up
(5) Tried and tested home remedy

(1) Consuming food for eyes to improve eyesight naturally

If you want your eyes to improve eyesight naturally, then you should include some things in your diet.
. All green leafy vegetables have rich in Xeaxanthin and Lutein are two most important nutrients for eyes.
. You can include carrots that contain beta carotene and vitamin A in your diet in salad or juice form.
. Amla has a lot of vitamin C, which is very beneficial for the eyes, if Amla is in season then eat one Amla during the day.
. Apart from this, you must eat 1-2 walnut daily.
. Mung bean is also very good for the eyes.It is also important to note that eating salt also weakens the eyes.So if you take care of the eyes, then the eyes
will also take care of you. For improving immunity system

(2) Strengthening eyes muscles to improve eyesight

We do workouts on all the muscles of our body like chest, back and arm but do not do eyes. 3-5 minutes of daily eyes exercise gives amazing results.
Following are the eyes muscles exercises-
. Move your eye balls in circular motion.
. Tightly close your eyes and hold for 3 second and then open.
. Rub yours palms togather and place them on your eyes.
. There is an accupressure point between the index finger and the middle finger, also press it for 30 seconds.
. Walking on barefoot grass and even looking at the greenery also relieves eye muscles.
This exercise is very simple and effective, but we forget to do it, so I will be sure to set the alarm for a few days.

(3) Eyes wash routine

fill your mouth with water and then wash your eyes.Filling the mouth water increases the area of ​​the eyes so that it gets washed very well.
You can take your eye wash routine to the next level such as take your wash routine using eye wash cup.Take 10 drops of rose water in the eye wall cup and fill
it with the remaining water.Now put this cup with your eyes very hard and rotate the eye balls.
This is a very effective way to improve the eyesight and avoid the eyes from infection.

(4) Regular eyes check-up to improve eyesight

We know that eyes are such a delicate part of our body, so their regular checkup is very important.

Eye checkup does not just mean visual screening but should be a proper checkup from the eye specialist.

(5) Tried and tested home remedy

All you need are three things, take almond fennel and sugar candy in equal quantities and grind them to powder.You can store this powder in an air tight
glass container. And just before going to bed at night, drink a spoon of this powder by adding it to lukewarm milk.
. Do it continuously for three months will benefit your eyes a lot.
. If you are less than 13 years ahead, take a small spoon of this mixture with water.
. So stop damaging and ignoring your eyes, but take full care of your eyes because your eyes speak much higher than your mouth.



Our first saliva is so high in antibacterial properties that it can cure all eyes problem. Example- Animals heal their wounds by just licking
themselves.You might feel a little strange but nature has made us like this.

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