How to Improve Digestion Naturally at Home

Reason for Weak Digestion

In this post I will describe you to How to Improve Digestion Naturally at Home.

  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Stomach ache
  • Inflammatory Bowels
  • Heart burn

Three Point comes from this post

  • Maximum people suffer from some kind of digestive problem.
  • The solution fo these problem is fairly easy and practical.
  • The impact of the solution is within a few days, not weeks.

Hello Friends welcome to this post.Digestion of food is more important than eating food, if food is not properly digested then toxins are formed which give rise to a serious problem.

According to Ayurveda, 95% of the problem is made by the stomach.Forget body building and fat loss, it is difficult to stay away from illness
when digestive is bad.
To know more

Importance of Digestion

Poor digestive system difficult to achieve your fitness goal.
5 ways to get instant relief from digestion problems–
1. Cumin seed Water
2. Asafoetida Water
3. Psyllium husk
4. Ajwain seed and Fennel seed
5.Aloe Vera Juice

Above point keep in mind to Improve Digestion Naturally at Home.

(1) Cumin Seed Water

Cumin seed or jeera water very effective to reduce bloating and stomach ache.I think cumin water is very important for week digest.
Making Process:
(i) Pour a glass of water in a pan and take a spoon of cumin seed.
(ii) Now heat the water till the water remains half.
(iii) Now filter it and drink it, the best thing is that it can be drunk anytime of the day,Instant rest will come.
(iv) If possible, Cumin Seed had to be chewed and chewed and eat it would be more beneficial.

Cumin seed water increases to Improve Digestion Naturally at Home.

(2) Asafoetida Water

A powerful spice that works like a medicine for a week digestive system.Asafoetida increases blood flow in the digestive system by releasing gas.
Making Process:
To make asafoetida water, mix a pinch of asafoetida in hot water. And drink it 30 minutes before a meal.

(3) Psyllium husk to Improve Digestion Naturally at Home

If there is constipation or loose motion, then psyllium husk is very effective in both the cases, just the different ways of both.
If there is constipation, mix one spoon of psyllium husk in a glass of warm milk and drink it 30 minutes before bedtime.
And if you have diarrhea, take one spoon of psyllium husk in fresh curd on an empty stomach.

(4) Ajwain seed and Fennel seed to Improve Digestion Naturally at Home

Both Ajvine seed and Fennel seed are very important to correct the digestive.
Help secrete the gastic juices necessary for proper digestion.
Chew celery seed and fennel seed chew a spoon immediately after eating, it is very easy and effective too.

(5) Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is naturally so much that if anything is deposited in the intestines, it exits.
Aloevera increases the content in the intestines.
Remove the anus from the cleft of an aloe vera and mix it in lukewarm water.

5 Lifestyle Changes To make The Digestive System stronger

(1) Water

(i) Panacea for digestive problem cleanses colon and removes toxins and solid waste from body.If water is drunk properly throughout the day,
then half the problem becomes the same solution.Water strengthens the digestive system by clearing the intestines.

(ii) It should also be noted that do not drink water along with food, always drink water after half an hour or before half an hour before eating.This will
cause dilution of stomach acid causing indigestion.

(2) Food

(i) The food we eat decides theeffectiveness of digestive system.What is the effect of what we say everyday, perhaps we ignore our Digestive system.
(ii) Deferred refined food gets stuck in our intestines and slows down the digestive system. While high in fiber foods such as oats, millets, Whole Wheat
Semi Brown Rice, Nut fast our digestive.Keep probiotic food such as yogurt or buttermilk in your diet.
(iii) Make seasonal fruits a part of daily diet-high in digestive enzymes and antioxidants.Consume 1-2 spoon of desi cow ghee daily.It is a best oil for better
digestion. to know more

(3) Workout

Exercise increases the blood circulation in digestive system, the waste travel easily.

Exercise helps the waste travel faster the digestive tract even low level activity like walking is very beneficial.

(4) Thunderbolt Pose

In our texts, the best pose that has been allocated for digestion is that you thunderbolt.

(i) When we sit in a vajraasana pose, there is a blood flow towards the stomach.

(ii) Which is the only pose that can be done after eating therefore, after sitting in thunderbolt pose 5 minutes after eating. Or 10 minutes before sleeping at night.
you must sit in thunderbolt pose.

(5) Properly chewing food

How often do you chew a bite of food, nowadays people say in such a hurry that they do not chew a bite more than 4-5 times.

One single habit to relieve you from digestive problem- properly
chew food half the task is done.

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