About Us

Hello Friends,
My name is Ankit Saxena. Founder of this website  https://healthhandfitness.com/. I am an Engineer by Profession, web developer and social media expert by passion. Currently running several website and social media pages. I have also joined ethical hacking program and won exciting prizes. Main purpose of developing this website is my hobby , that is helping and rising awareness about health and fitness. I love to read and write about health and fitness and cyber security. In this website, I will tell you about health and fitness. This website is designed to make you learn something new. I will try to give you good content in this website.
About us:-
Name–Ankit Saxena
Occupation–Engineer/Blogger/ethical Hacker/web developer
City– Mahoba 
State– Uttar Pradesh India
Pin code–210427
Contact– ankitsaxena111.ankit@gmail.com